Abandoned Asylum


~Asylum Walkthrough~ '2019' Open Program Artists for the Ballarat International Foto Biennale

“We tend to think of mental hospitals as snake pits - places of nightmarish squalor & abuse - and this is how they have been portrayed in books and film. 


These institutions were once monuments of civic pride, built with noble intentions by leading architects and physicians, who envisioned the Asylums as places of refuge, therapy and healing. 


For more than half the nation’s history, vast mental hospitals were a prominent feature of our landscapes."


- Christopher Payne

My series “aims to capture a sense of beauty in the Abandoned & Forgotten”. l am forever curious of a life before me while l wander through these grand old time vessels. Stairways that lead you to room after room, each with their own story & smells of what once was. 

Every location has a story of its past, my self exploration & quiet obsession makes me want to share with the rest of the world through the art of visual communication, not so much the ghastly history but the beautiful architecture, textures & a feel of the calm - quiet - that I experience. 

Researching the history, reading the stories that are not always that bad then bring a new sense of interest & following.

Preservation then follows with a guarantee to secure the future of these glorious buildings so that there old souls can live on. 

Please take your time & take a minute in silence to look past the rough edges of time & feel a place of serenity that it was to some.